Experience Africa Safaris

Welcome to East Africa, the cradle of mankind. Let us take you through this region and explore it indepth. The We are an East African Safari Company
offering well crafted tours to premier safari destinations in East Africa. We operate in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zanzibar. We’ll take you anywhere in East Africa and promise you the highest quality safaris no matter what your budget is.

Traveling with Experience Africa Safaris, whether on scheduled departures or a custom safari will be an adventure of a life time. We focus on wildlife safaris, mountaineering, bird watching and other wilderness tours. We take our travelers to some of the last great expanses of wilderness on earth. All our tours are carefully crafted to be done responsibly so that minimal impact on the environment is left!

See Africa from the ground. Journey through this remote continent in the hands of an experienced company and invaluable guides. Come to Africa – we’ll take you there.

Experience Africa Safaris is a travel agency owned by professionals from the tourism industry.

We have been operation for the past 10 years organizing tours and safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania. Following the addition of South Sudan to the East African Community, we are soon introducing South Sudan to our areas of operation but this will be after a close study of safety and security situations in this region.

We offer a wide selection of tours and holidays filled with interesting and captivating adventure activities. Our tours are different from what other tour companies offer, given that our tour itineraries feature active adventures and soft adventure activities. You are the one responsible for your tour. We only organize tours and holidays filled with only your interests!

Our Mission

Our Mission is “to ensure that visitors to East African Region get the best Holiday Ever!”.

Our Portfolio of Tours

Experience Africa Safaris gives you opportunity to discover the East African Region and all its treasures! We are an African Based Tour company with value and excellence, managed by well experienced travel planners, tour advisors and tour guides who will go out of their way to make your adventure dreams become a reality, by letting you explore and enjoy every little detail that comes with our fairly compact country.

We offer both soft adventure Trips (Leisurely Holidays) and Active Adventures. Our portfolio of tours include and not limited to; mountain gorilla tours, chimpanzee trekking safaris, wildlife safaris in National Parks, Mountaineering, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Climbing Tours, and many more. Our tours are available on both scheduled and tailor made basis and fit well in your budget! Feel free to browse through this website for a Safari that suit your needs and aspirations. Have a wonderful and most interesting holiday in Africa!